Plant Barcoding Services

Molecular Plant Barcoding

DNA barcoding, a breakthrough technology, unveils the intricacies encoded within DNA sequences—highly conserved and genetically stable elements that exhibit variations across species and remain remarkably consistent within a species. This innovative biological identity system utilizes standardized, diverse, easily amplifiable, and short DNA fragments to deliver swift and self-initiated species identification.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that go beyond traditional sequencing and identification. We are currently offering Sanger Sequencing of plant barcodes. We will be offering cutting-edge short-read Illumina sequencing platform and long-read Nanopore sequencing, coupled with an extensive understanding of diverse DNA barcoding primers, empower us to deliver unparalleled DNA barcode identification services.

Our services feature:

  • Advanced sequencing technologies
  • Diverse DNA barcoding primers
  • Comprehensive DNA barcode identification services
  • Expert assistance in data analysis for DNA barcoding reference data
  • Plant whole genome and chloroplast sequencing
  • DNA metabarcoding for environmental samples
  • MALDI-TOF identification of plant bacterial infections

Samples requirements

  • Genomic DNA ≥ 15 μL with a concentration between 50-100 ng/μL.
  • OD 260/280 for 1.8-2.2.
  • Tested for undegraded DNA bands through 2% agarose gel electrophoresis is preferred.
  • Plant material: Transport fresh tissues with leaves silica-dried, maintaining their integrity on dry ice for optimal results.

For more details about the sample submission, please contact our technical team.

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