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Arbutus Γ— andrachnoides (Hybrid Strawberry Tree)

Arbutus Γ— andrachnoides (Hybrid Strawberry Tree)


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Arbutus Γ— andrachnoides, the Hybrid Strawberry Tree, is the result of a cross between Arbutus andrachne (Eastern Strawberry Tree) and Arbutus unedo (Irish Strawberry Tree). It is a naturally occurring hybrid, but hybrid cultivars have also been created. It has gained the RHS's Award of Garden Merit.

This tree is a dense evergreen shrub originated from the Mediterranean. Leaves are dark green with serrated margins. The bell-shaped flowers are white, followed by red fruits 2cm across, with a rough surface. The fruit is edible when cooked and is sweet but it can be a little bland. It contains about 20% sugar and can be used to make delicious and nourishing jams and preserves.The trees are extremely good for attracting tui to your garden. H 10m.

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