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Astelia solandri (Kōwharawhara)

Astelia solandri (Kōwharawhara)


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Astelia solandriĀ (Kōwharawhara,Ā Kahakaha, Perching Astelia) is a perennial evergreen native to New Zealand. Tākahakaha is the name of the plant in flower. This species is known for its narrow, arching foliage and its low-maintenance care requirements. It is perfect for planting along borders, or in rock gardens and other low light conditions.

The plant is a robust tufted epiphyte, but also growing on ground. The leaves are 1-2m long and about 3-4cm wide. The leaves have a reddish tinge when mature and grown in the sun. The flowers are pinkish or (especially ā™‚) maroon.

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