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Musa 'Misi Luki' (Ladyfinger Banana)

Musa 'Misi Luki' (Ladyfinger Banana)


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The Misi Luki banana is a very disease resistant variety from Samoa. The plant produces one of the best tasting bananas for the home gardens and the fruits are 10-12cm long. Plant in a sheltered, sunny position and water regularly during hot spells. Protect the plant in low freezing temperatures by wrapping the leaves and stem in frost cloth. Fruit may be harvested from September to November. Grows to 3-4m tall.

Please note that the larger plants (30-65L) are for delivery within Palmerston North and surrounding areas. Please email us for options before ordering from areas outside Palmerston North.Β For shipping outside Manawatu, the plant will be transferred to a suitable planter bag and plant may be trimmed to fit into our standard boxes (1-1.2m tall).

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