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Cantua buxifolia 'Alba' (Flower of the Incas)

Cantua buxifolia 'Alba' (Flower of the Incas)


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Extremely showy shrub with 8cm long trumpet-shaped, golden yellow flowers flaring to white at the tips flowers. Attracts hummingbirds. Full sun, but it benefits from part shade in warmer areas and it doesn't do well in very hot climates. National Flower of Peru and Bolivia. Common names include Flor del Inca, Magic Flower, Cantuta, Quantuta. Light: Full sun/part shadeW ater: Moderate. Do not let dry out during hot weather. Soil: Well drained with lots of organic matter. The plant has long, tubular, semi-pendent cream flowers with yellow flaring lobes. The plant has a weeping habit.

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