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Carissa macrocarpa 'Emerald Star' (Natal Plum)

Carissa macrocarpa 'Emerald Star' (Natal Plum)


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Carissa macrocarpa is a shrub native to tropical and southern Africa. It is commonly known as the Natal plum and, in South Africa, the large num-num. In Zulu, as well as in the Bantu tribes of Uganda, it is called Amathungulu or umThungulu oBomvu. In Afrikaans the fruit is called noem-noem.

Carrisa macrocarpa 'Emerald Star' is an incredibly hard evergreen, compact, dwarf variety with lustrous, leathery, rich green, oval leaves, white scented star shaped flowers and delicious edible fruit. Both looks and tastes great. Use as a low hedge or specimen and it is ideal for planter boxes. Suits Mediterranean, Contemporary and Coastal designs. Trim after flowering to keep tidy. The fruit taste somewhat like a sweet cranberry with the texture of a strawberry. Position Grows in full sun to partial shade in a wide range of moist soils but requires good drainage. Tolerates high winds, front-line coastal conditions and light frost.

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