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Citrus × latifolia 'Bearss' (Lime)

Citrus × latifolia 'Bearss' (Lime)


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A selection of Tahitian Lime chosen for heavy crops and ripening even in cooler climates. Good size, seedless, juicy fruit, ideal for drinks or cooking. Great in pots. Fruit tart when green, turns yellow when fully ripe.

This is a dwarf, nearly thornless
evergreen shrub prized for its oval fruit,
4-6 cm across, with juicy light
greenish-yellow pulp. Vivid green and
glossy when immature, the fruit turns
pale-yellow when ripe. It is aromatic,
juicy, acid, but without the distinctive
bouquet of the Key lime. It is bigger and
seedless, with a lower acidity and a
thicker rind than that of the Key lime
(Citrus x aurantiifolia). The slightly
fragrant flowers are beautiful with their 5
long white petals, with a light purple
tinge on the margins, and their bundled
white stamens adorned with yellow
anthers. They shine against the
evergreen foliage of glossy green,
broadly lanceolate leaves. Flowers and
fruit appear throughout the year, but are
most abundant in winter in the Northern
Hemisphere. Moderately vigorous,
Bearss Lime boasts nearly thornless,
widespread, drooping branches and
yields several dozen fruit per year.

Grows up to 1.8-4.5m tall and wide when grown in the ground. Grows up to 0.9-1.8m tall when container grown. However, this Persian Lime can be pruned to any shape or height.

A full sun lover, this plant is easily grown in fertile, well-drained soils. Needs water regularly but cannot stand flooding or saturated soils. Use citrus fertilizer during the growing season, and less in winter months when days are shorter. Mulch plantings in beds or pots with 2-3cm of organic material such as ground bark. Shrubby by nature, Persian limes can be trained into a small tree with selective pruning. Generally disease free. 

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