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Citrus × limon 'Villa Franca' (Lemon)

Citrus × limon 'Villa Franca' (Lemon)


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'Villa Franca' lemon belongs to 'Eureka' group and was introduced into Florida, USA from Europe in about 1875. Originated in Sicily. Commercially not very important compared to 'Eureka' and 'Lisbon'. Commercially not very important compared to 'Eureka' and 'Lisbon'. Tree characters resembles to that of 'Lisbon', but the plants are more erect or upright in growth, foliage less and with few thorns. In fruit characters, it is similar to 'Eureka' but fruits more during winter like 'Lisbon'.

The tree produces a good crop of smooth skinned summer fruits, with some fruits throughout the year. Grow in a sheltered, sunny posiy in rich well-drained soil. Feed in spring through to autumn and spray regularly for quality fruits. Water well in dry periods. H 3-4m.

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