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Citrus reticulata 'Afourer' (Mandarin)

Citrus reticulata 'Afourer' (Mandarin)


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'Afourer' is a tangor of unknown parentage, which was imported to California from Morocco in 1985. The tree is moderate in size and vigor. The fruit is usually flattened with a thin, smooth, orange rind that is easy to peel. The fruit is low-seeded in the absence of cross-pollination, but seedy when cross-pollinated. The flesh is orange-colored and juicy, with a rich and sweet flavor. As with most mandarins, W. Murcott is susceptible to alternate-bearing. The fruit matures in February and holds on the tree very well.Β Β 

Easy to peel fruit, seedless if not cross pollinated, with juicy flesh with a rich and sweet flavour. Fruits from late winter. Best in a sunny sheltered spot.

β€˜Afourer’ is a self-incompatible mandarin, produces seedy fruits under field conditions.

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