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Citrus unshiu 'Miyagawa' (Mandarin)

Citrus unshiu 'Miyagawa' (Mandarin)


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Citrus unshiu is a semi-seedless and easy-peeling citrus species, also known as Miyagawa Mandarin, unshu mikan, cold hardy mandarin, satsuma mandarin, satsuma orange, naartjie, and tangerine. Citrus unshiu was named after Unshu (Wenzhou), a famous production area of mandarin oranges in China, in the late Edo period of Japan. It is said to have originated in either Japan or China, and because of its name, it is often described as originating in China; however, due to multiple genetic studies conducted in the 2010s, the theory that the maternal species of Citrus unshiu was Kishu (Citrus kinokuni) and the paternal species was Kunenbo (Citrus nobilis Lour. var. kunip) and that it was created in the Satsuma province in Japan became more credible.

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