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Citrus Γ— sinensis 'Fukumoto' (Orange)

Citrus Γ— sinensis 'Fukumoto' (Orange)


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Beautiful to both the eye & the taste buds, this early ripening winter navel orange has both outstanding colour and flavour. Ripens from winter.
Great eating. Dwarf rootstock to control height. H 2m x W 2m.

The Fukumoto orange tree has a fascinating history. Experts believe that the tree was a naturally occurring mutation of a Washington navel tree that was found in the 1960s in a garden in Kokawa-Cho, which is located in the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan. The owner of the garden was a man named S. Fukumoto, and that’s how this unique navel orange tree got its name.

Cultivation: Full sun. Well drained, fertile soil. Tolerates light frost (-3Β°C). Water regularly during hot, dry spells. Regular fertilising from spring to mid summer.

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