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Citrus × sinensis 'Powell Navel' (Orange)

Citrus × sinensis 'Powell Navel' (Orange)


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This is a chance Washington mutation originating from Australia. Vigorous tree with some thorns in the branches of greater force. The flowers have no pollen and the fruits have a 'navel' as well as other varieties of navel group.

This variety originated by a spontaneous Washington Navel tree bud mutation, the tree is vigorous and well developed, with open growth habit and slightly dropped, rounded look. It presents some thorns in the axils of the leaves, which disappear with time. The leaves are large, with short, slightly winged petioles. The flowers are large, white without pollen grains, typical of navel group.

The fruit is bigger, better adherence of the peduncle and strongest. It is a productive variety, late maturity and can be harvested from January to May in good trading conditions. Fruit diameter: ~8cm. Weight: 240-260g. Peel thickness: 3.5-4 mm. Juice: 55-58%.

Navel Powell is an excellent ‘ultra’ late navel with good flavour, sweetness and juiciness. The peel is deeper orange, finer and slightly thicker than Lane Late, but easy to remove. The fruit is more elongated than many navel varieties. As most navel oranges, Powell is seedless.

Powell is one of a series of very late-season navel oranges from Australia, others being Summer Gold, Autumn Gold, Edwards, Chislett, Barnfield and Toomey. They are often measured against Lane Late, a popular variety with grower: Powell can successfully hang on the tree for 90 days longer than Lane Late.

The Dwarf variety is grown on Flying Dragon rootstock. An Australian selection of late maturing navel orange which has proved itself to be a reliable producer of excellent crops of sweet, juicy fruit in late spring.

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