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Citrus x paradisi 'Morrison's Seedless' (Grapefruit)

Citrus x paradisi 'Morrison's Seedless' (Grapefruit)


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Grapefruit 'Morrison's Seedless' was developed in NZ around 1860 by Mr Morrison from Warkworth. Whilst it is mainly seedless, due to cross pollination, you may get the occasional pip. The flesh is juicy with a delicious flavour and fine texture.

The hardiest all-purpose citrus tree producing medium to large, round, thin skinned, moderately sweet, juicy fruit, maturing August. Holds well on tree. Vigorous, large and prolific bearer.

Culture: Water well before removing from container. Plant in well-worked, free-draining, compost enriched soil in a warm, sunny, sheltered area. Mulch to retain moisture. Apply a fertiliser in spring, summer and autumn. Remove weak stems and overcrowded inner branches. If any insects appear during Autumn and Winter, spray with an organic insecticide or Enspray 99.

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