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Cornus controversa (Wedding Cake Tree)

Cornus controversa (Wedding Cake Tree)


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Cornus controversa¬†(Wedding Cake Tree), is a¬†species¬†of¬†flowering plant¬†in the dogwood¬†family Cornaceae,¬†native¬†to China, Korea, the Himalayas and Japan. It is a¬†deciduous¬†tree¬†growing to 15¬†m, with multiple tiered branches. Flat¬†panicles¬†of white flowers cymes to 8‚Äď18¬†cm wide appear in summer, followed by globose black fruit drupes to 13¬†mm. Ovate dark green leaves 8‚Äď15¬†cm long are glaucous underneath and turn red-purple in autumn. It is cultivated in gardens and parks in¬†temperate¬†regions.

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