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Crassula sarcocaulis (Bonsai Jade, Bonsai Crassula)

Crassula sarcocaulis (Bonsai Jade, Bonsai Crassula)


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Crassula sarcocaulis is a small, evergreen, succulent sub-shrub, 250–400 mm high, and commonly known as Bonsai Crassula or Bonsai Jade. The plants are tree-like in form, with a single main stem and a well-branched crown. On older specimens the bark is flaky or peeling. Leaves are flat and narrow, awl-shaped, up to 12 mm long, fleshy, light green. Clusters of small white to pinkish flowers are borne at the tips of the branches, and smell like honey or black currant jam. The individual flowers are cup-shaped, 3–5 mm long. Flowering time is late summer to autumn to winter (January to June). It is a perennial plant native to the eastern half of South Africa, on mountain slopes in rocky terrain.

Crassula sarcocaulis is used in traditional medicine as a strong emetic. It is a popular pot plant and windowsill plant in many countries.

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