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Dahlia imperialis 'Double White' (Tree Dahlia)

Dahlia imperialis 'Double White' (Tree Dahlia)


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This double-white form has lots of crisp white petals, resembling a big, white pom-pom. The blooms lack the orange center of the original pink form, because of the fluffy petals and petaloid stamens. The plant tends to grow a bit shorter than the original form, topping out at about 5-6m tall. The attractive stems grow to 10cm thick and are hollow like bamboo. The stems were actually used by the ancient Aztecs as pipes to carry drinking water. This variety is sometimes referred to as Dahlia imperialis 'California Angel'. The single white variety is very rarely cultivated.

Cuttings available from April to September, only in limited quantity.Β The 1.5L plants are halfway through rooting. If you order these before end of October, please keep them in their pots for a few weeks before repotting or planting in the ground.

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