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Dypsis baronii (Sugarcane Palm)

Dypsis baronii (Sugarcane Palm)


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Dypsis baronii is a species of palm tree in the family Arecaceae. It is otherwise known as Sugarcane Palm because of the scars on its trunks that resemble sugarcane. A very attractive clumping palm with golden stems & crownshafts.ย Dyspis baronii is multi-stemmed and evergreen, growing 2โ€“8 m tall. The stems grow in clusters of 3 to 5, they are 12โ€“22 cm in diameter [unbranched], with a crown of 4 to 8 leaves up to 170 cm long.

Ideal as a feature plant, in tubs, mass planting and general garden use. Best in full sun or semi shade in well drained conditions. Protect from frost & high winds.

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