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Ficus auriculata (Elephant Ear Fig)

Ficus auriculata (Elephant Ear Fig)


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Ficus auriculata (previously Ficus roxburghii) the Elephant Ear Fig, Roxburgh Fig or the Giant Indian Fig, is native to Asia, noted for its big and round leaves. The large leaves, often up to 50cm long and 30cm across are used as plates. New leaves are deep coppery-red in color that matures to green.This plant is a small tree 5–10m tall with numerous bristle-covered branches.

The wide spreading evergreen tree is usually found in moist, lowland tropical areas of its native eange. This tree that is often found growing along stream banks may have more than one trunk. Although it is classified as an evergreen, it can be deciduous during extended periods of cold temperatures. The plant is frost tender.

The edible fruits are often harvested from the wild. The fruits form as large clusters on the trunk, on branches and on the roots. It is not uncommon to discover a tree where the base is covered with hundreds of fruits. They can be eaten raw or cooked, used in jams, juice and curries.Β The fresh fruit of this plant is consumed as food, and has diuretic, laxative and digestive regulating properties.

Note: The plant will shed most of its leaves during cold winter months, usually around May-August.

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