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Ficus carica 'White Adriatic' (Fig)

Ficus carica 'White Adriatic' (Fig)


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Ficus carica 'White Adriatic' (Fig) is a unique, robust fig variety, with large, flavorful fruits that ripen up to two times a year. Its light green foliage gives way to light pink to creamy white fruits with a sweet flavor that ripens in late summer and early fall. This fig is very popular with home gardeners and commercial growers alike.

Late, large round green skinned figs with dark red very sweet pulp.Β Huge reliable crops of good for dessert, jam, wine and bottling. It is not suitable for Southern districts. These figs were boiled down to make a fig cake that was used for sweetening in the days of the early settlers, before white sugar. Ripens in April.

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