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Gardenia jasminoides 'Joy' (Cape Jasmine) PVR

Gardenia jasminoides 'Joy' (Cape Jasmine) PVR


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Gardenia jasminoides, commonly known as gardenia and cape jasmine, is an evergreen flowering plant in the coffee family Rubiaceae. It is native to parts of South-East Asia. Wild plants range from 30cm to 3m in height. They have a rounded habit with very dense branches with opposite leaves that are lanceolate-oblong, leathery or gathered in groups on the same node and by a dark green, shiny and slightly waxy surface and prominent veins.

The variety 'Joy' features perfumed, single, cream white flowers from spring through to summer on clean, glossy green foliage with a neat, dense habit, strong, sweet scent that lasts as long as the flower. Hardy, light frost tolerant and get for cut flowers. Suitable for hedges and borders. Plant in well drained soil in sun to part shade Water regularly but ensure soil is well drained. Do not allow pots to dry out between watering. Feed with slow release fertiliser in spring and summer. Full sun to partial shade. Height 1.5m x W 1.5m.

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