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Jasminum azoricum (Lemon Scented Jasmine)

Jasminum azoricum (Lemon Scented Jasmine)

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Jasminum azoricum, the lemon-scented jasmine, is a species of flowering plant in the olive family. It is an evergreen twining vine native to the Portuguese island of Madeira. The compound leaves consist of 3 bright green leaflets.

A perfumed fragrance that tantalizes the senses is one of the many attributes this marvelous Jasmine species brings to the container gardener. A native of the Azores, the vigorous, dense growing vines flower from spring through fall. When grown under sunny, warm conditions there is even an occasional spray of bloom during the winter. For the Jasmine or fragrant plant collector, this variety is a must. Clusters of multi-petaled, pure white blooms form on the growing tips with individual flowers emerging over several weeks.

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