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Jasminum sambac (Arabian Jasmine)

Jasminum sambac (Arabian Jasmine)


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Jasminum sambac is a species of jasmine native to tropical Asia, from the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia. Also known as Mogra, Mullipuvvu, Mallika, Mallige, Irudheymaa and Motiya in it's native range. It is cultivated in many places, especially West Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. The 'Belle of India' and the 'Grand Duke of Tuscany' are double-flowered selection resembling small white roses.

The plant is a twining or scrambling evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves and exceptionally fragrant waxy pure-white flowers 2.5 cm across. The blooms fade to pink as they mature. Born in clusters of 3-12 blossoms, they flower throughout the summer and almost continuously in warm climates. Arabian Jasmine may be grown as a twining shrubby vine if support is provided, or as a sprawling shrub without any support.

In Hawaii and India, the blossoms are a favorite for leis. This plant is also used to flavor jasmine tea in China.

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