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Lagunaria patersonia (Norfolk Island Hibiscus)

Lagunaria patersonia (Norfolk Island Hibiscus)


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Lagunaria patersonia is a species of tree in the family Malvaceae. It is commonly known as the pyramid tree, Norfolk Island Hibiscus, Queensland White Oak, Sally Wood, or simply as White Oak on Norfolk Island. Its seed capsules are filled with irritating hairs giving rise to common names, Itchy Bomb Tree, and Cow Itch Tree.

This handsome tree has a stately pyramidal shape that is adorned with thick, olive-green leaves. It produces a profusion of miniature, hibiscus-shaped pink flowers throughout the summer and autumn. Lagunaria patersonia is an excellent choice for use as a dense screen or hedge, and it can be easily clipped to maintain its shape. It is very tough and can endure coastal winds and drought.

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