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Leptospermum scoparium 'Dark Night' (Mānuka)

Leptospermum scoparium 'Dark Night' (Mānuka)


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Leptospermum scoparium, commonly called mānuka, mānuka myrtle, New Zealand teatree, broom tea-tree, or just tea tree, is a species of flowering plant in the myrtle family Myrtaceae, native to New Zealand and south-east to Australia. It's nectar produces Mānuka honey.

Leptospermum scoparium 'Dark Night' was developed by Te Horo Ornamentals. It is a vigorous robust medium-sized shrub that produces long stems with deep dark mauve large flowers in Spring. Flowers can be randomly produced throughout the year. It will develop into a large shrub with age. Frost hardy to -4°C once established. Suited to a range of free draining soils in full sun. Will adapt to part shade but flower colour colour will lose its vibrancy. Trim well once flowering has finished to shape and size. Ideal plant for use in shrub borders where vibrancy and colour is wanted. Height: 2m, width 2m.

Planting Guide: Before planting cultivate soil to a depth of 20cm and mix in compost and complete garden fertiliser.

  • NZ native evergreen.
  • Aromatic foliage and produces masses of double red flowers in late spring and summer.
  • Great for garden borders or container.
  • Highly prized by bees for nectar.
  • Sun and frost tolerant.
  • Grows to 3-4m tall.
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