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Leucadendron laureolum x salignum 'Inca Gold' (Peninsula Conebush)

Leucadendron laureolum x salignum 'Inca Gold' (Peninsula Conebush)


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Leucadendron 'Inca Gold' displays a spectacular golden colour in winter making it a great cut flower. It is ideal for low maintenance, low water use gardens. An attractive plant in any garden situation. The long stems of golden bracts are ideal for cut flowers.

A striking shrub when in full colour. The plant takes on a bright golden yellow appearance in mid winter. Bright golden yellow bracts are borne terminally on each branch. A reasonably hardy plant suited to an open sunny situation in a free
draining acidic soil. Likes moisture during periods of prolonged drought. Can be reasonably frost hardy. Prune back after flowering mid-late spring. Avoid fertilisers. Mature size 1.8m x 1.5m.

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