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Magnolia 'Lemon Fragrant'

Magnolia 'Lemon Fragrant'


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Magnolia 'Lemon Fragrant' is a tidy, pyramid-shaped cultivar that features appealing, fresh-green foliage. It produces a profusion of large, cream-white, star-shaped flowers with a delightful lemon scent throughout the early spring and for an extended period. It is versatile and can be used for hedging, trimmed into any desired form, or grown as a distinctive tree. Magnolia 'Lemon Fragrant' is correctly known as Magnolia 'Lemon Fragrant', but the incorrect name has been retained for consistency with the New Zealand market. Magnolia 'Lemon Fragrant' is evergreen, not native to New Zealand, and a hybrid between Magnolia x foggii 'Bubbles' and Magnolia foveolata. Magnolia 'Lemon Fragrant' was developed before 2009 by Thirkettle Nurseries in Nelson, New Zealand (PVR 3144).

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