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Magnolia macrophylla (Bigleaf Magnolia)

Magnolia macrophylla (Bigleaf Magnolia)

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Magnolia macrophylla, the bigleaf magnolia, is a deciduous magnolia native to the southeastern United States and eastern Mexico. This species boasts the largest simple leaf and single flower of any native plant in North America.

This species is distinguished from other magnolias by the large leaf size, 25-80cm long and 10-80 cm across. The largest leaf to be reported is 1.1m long, with a 15cm long petiole. The leaf's width can be up to 45cm across. The tree's branches often bend under the weight of the heavy foliage. The flowers are typically six or nine-petaled (two or three whorls of three petals each, the larger ones with a dime-sized purple blotch at the base). The flower is typically about sixteen 40cm across, although there have been specimens as large as 55cm across. It is the largest temperate (non-tropical) flower in the world.

These are large plants 2-3m tall. Please contact us before ordering to get a more accurate quote for shipping.

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