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Mangifera indica 'Tommy Atkins' (Mango)

Mangifera indica 'Tommy Atkins' (Mango)


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'Tommy Atkins' is a variety of mango developed in Florida, USA. These mangoes are medium to large-sized, weighing up to 1kg each. They are broadly oval shaped with a green skin almost always covered with a dark red blush with occasional orange or yellow accents. The smooth skin is covered with small, yellow-green lenticels (pores) that appear like freckles. The skin is thick, protecting the firm, deep yellow flesh during shipping. Tommy Atkins mangoes are juicy, with a somewhat fibrous flesh, and a mildly sweet taste. The fruit must be lightly squeezed to determine ripeness.

History of the variety

Tommy Atkins mangoes were first discovered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the early 1920s. They were reported to have grown from the seed of a haden mango on the property of Thomas H. Atkins in Broward County, Florida. Mr. Atkins was convinced they had commercial appeal and began grafting new trees and sold his first in 1948. The Tommy Atkins mango wasn’t made commercially available until the 1950s, when the haden variety began to fall out of favor with mango growers and suppliers. By the 1970s, the Atkins variety was planted more than any other cultivar in Florida. Outside of Florida, Tommy Atkins mangoes are grown in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, and Hawaii, where many are exported to the United States.

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