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Metrosideros vitiencensis 'Fiji'

Metrosideros vitiencensis 'Fiji'


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A large evergreen shrub to 3m high, which is indigenous to the Pacific area. A must for all gardens, this hardy plant features dark green foliage with striking deep burgundy new growth. Small red flowers appear at times in spring and summer.

Prefer full sun or partly shaded position in well drained soil, will tolerate coastal conditions. Frost protection would be beneficial for young plants. For best results feed with a long term slow release fertiliser in late winter after frosts have cleared, and prune lightly to promote burgundy new growth. Great feature plant, responds well to clipping. Ideal for a privacy hedge.

Plant in full sun/part shade. When mature height reaches 3m, and 2.5m wide, but normally about 1m tall.

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