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Metrosideros carminea 'Red Carpet' (Carmine Rātā)

Metrosideros carminea 'Red Carpet' (Carmine Rātā)


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Metroisideros carminea (also known as Carmine Rātā or Crimson Rātā) is a woody long-climbing vine or forest liane. Juvenile foliage hairy, with young growth often pinkish. Adult leaves more or less circular, dark glossy green above, pale green below, surfaces without any obvious glandular spotting. Flowers carmine borne in dense, terminal, fluffy, clusters. Endemic to New Zealand: North Island (from Te Paki south to Taranaki in the west and Mahia Peninsula in the east).

The selection 'Red Carpet' grows to 50cm high with a spread of about 1m.

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