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Metrosideros excelsa 'Māori Princess' (Pōhutukawa)

Metrosideros excelsa 'Māori Princess' (Pōhutukawa)


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Metrosideros excelsa 'Māori Princess' (Pōhutukawa, Maori Princess) is a spectacular evergreen shrub, prized for its glossy bright red flowers and lush foliage. It is fast growing and has a strong tolerance to salt breezes, making it an ideal choice for coastal gardens. 

'Māori Princess' is a cultivar which has a more upright habit. Distinctive darker green leaves. Flowers are striking red. Will tolerate very tough conditions including salt-laden wind poor soil dry and full sun. Prefers well drained soil. Grows to about 5-10 tall and 5m across but easily trimmed for shorter stature.

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