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Morus macroura 'Apricot' (King White Mulberry)

Morus macroura 'Apricot' (King White Mulberry)


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Morus macroura, also known as the King White Mulberry, Shahtoot Mulberry, Tibetan Mulberry, Finger Mulberry or Long Mulberry is native to Tibet, the Himalayas, mountainous area of Indonesia, and rain forests of Indochina. It is a medium-sized tree, with a spreading canopy which grows with a weeping habit. Ripe fruit is white, pink or red, and is described as honey-sweet.

King White mulberries are roughly 6-10cm long and are virtually seedless. The young berries start out dark green and gradually lighten into a soft white and are almost translucent when ready for harvest. King White mulberries can be eaten when they are still light green, though the sugars haven’t quite developed to their sweetest flavor potential. Once fully mature the taste is very sweet, with hints of honey. King White mulberries have 30% sugar content, and are much sweeter than black mulberries.

CAUTION: All parts of the plant besides the ripe fruit contain a toxic milky sap. Eating too many berries may have a laxative effect. Additionally, unripe green fruit may cause nausea, cramps, and a hallucinogenic effect.

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