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Musa acuminata var. zebrina (Blood Banana)

Musa acuminata var. zebrina (Blood Banana)


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The blood banana (Musa acuminata var. zebrina), is a variety of the wild banana Musa acuminata native to Sumatra, Indonesia. The blood banana is an ornamental plant, named for the dark red patches on its leaves, though its small-seeded fruits are also edible. It grows 2-2.5m tall in the wild, but is well-adapted to container growing and can be maintained at 1-1.5m. It grows best in full or partial sun

Please note that oversized plants in 30L pots are for local delivery only. For shipping outside Manawatu, the plant will be transferred to a suitable planter bag and plant may be trimmed to fit into our standard boxes (1-1.2m tall).

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