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Prunus persica 'Sunglo' (Nectarine)

Prunus persica 'Sunglo' (Nectarine)


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This hardy, deciduous nectarine produces large, deep orange fruit with a smooth texture and a sweet, succulent flavor. It has an upright, spreading growth habit, making it easy to maintain in the garden. Prunus persica 'Sunglo' is highly resistant to frost, pests, and diseases.

Excellent older variety with good flavour and texture. Large yellow fruits splashed with red and ripen in February. All Nectarines varieties are self-fertile and will crop well on their own.

Plants are over 1.2m tall, and plants taller than this may need trimming at the top to fit into our shipping boxes. If ordering over 10 trees, we can ship on a pallet without trimming. Please contact us for details.

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