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Pandanus odorifer (Screwpine)

Pandanus odorifer (Screwpine)


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Pandanus odorifer (Pandanus odoratissimus), commonly known as screwpine, is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia that is renowned for its edible fruits and extremely fragrant inflorescences. Its ability to grow in difficult conditions makes it easy to cultivate and also provides natural benefits such as reducing soil erosion. Screwpine is versatile and can be used to make food dishes, even craft materials and  used in house building in the Maldives. The flowers are one of the most fragrant flowers if not the most. The fragrance is carried in mild breezes to several kms. The fruits are made into several sweet dishes (kashikeyo kandhi) and drinks (kashikeyo fani) in the Maldives.

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