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Passiflora alata (Fragrant Granadilla)

Passiflora alata (Fragrant Granadilla)


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Passiflora alata, the winged-stem passion flower, is a species of flowering plant. It is an evergreen vine, growing to 6m or more, which bears an edible type of passion fruit. It is native to the Amazon, from Peru to eastern Brazil.

The leaves are oval or oblong, 10–15cm long and 1–10cm wide. The fragrant flower is 7–10cm wide, with red curved tepals, and a prominent fringed corona in bands of purple and white giving the appearance of stripes. It usually blooms around late summer or early fall, needing full sun exposure. P. alata attracts bees, butterflies and birds.

The solitary fruit is highly prized by local people. It is egg-shaped, yellow to bright orange, 8–15cm long and 5–10cm in diameter. It weighs from 90–300g.

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