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Persea americana 'Esther' (Avocado)

Persea americana 'Esther' (Avocado)


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A later fruiting variety producing good crops of large, rounded fruit with a creamy pulp. Has good flavour and last longer after being picked. This is aย new and distinct variety of avocado tree characterized by its high productivity (about twice that of 'Hass) and its late bearing season (from about August into December) and further characterized by its tree growth which is only about two-thirds the size of 'Hass' and is rounded and quite uniform in outline.

'Esther' has been propagated asexually by T-budding, whip-grafting, saddle-grafting and saw-kerf grafting at the University of California, Riverside and South Coast Field Station facilities in Southern California where the variety has been tested.

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