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Persea americana 'Sharwil' (Avocado)

Persea americana 'Sharwil' (Avocado)


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Sharwil avocados are medium-sized, narrow pear-shaped fruits, weighing between 200-600g. They are characterized by their rough green skin, which stays green and does not turn black as it ripens. Their smooth, creamy flesh houses one of the smallest seeds of any avocado, which means there’s an ample amount of buttery flesh inside each fruit. It also has a high oil content that gives it a deliciously rich, nutty flavor. Sharwil avocado trees are smaller than other cultivars, but they are consistent bearers, offering a long and heavy yielding season.

Pollination - Type B, cross pollinate with Avocado ‘Hass’ or ‘Reed.’

Size - 5m x 4m.


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