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Piper sarmentosum (Wild Betel, Wild Pepper)

Piper sarmentosum (Wild Betel, Wild Pepper)


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Piper sarmentosum is a plant in the family Piperaceae used in many Southeast Asian cuisines. A close relative of Black Pepper and Betel Leaf, its common names include Wild Pepper, Wild Betel, Lolot Pepper, Chaphlu (ชะพลู). The leaves are often confused with betel, but they lack the intense taste of the betel leaves and are significantly smaller.

Also known as Thai Cha Phlu this shrub is used in many South East Asian cuisines, such as Miang Kham and Kaeng Khae curry in Thailand, Ulam in Malaysia and salads in Laos. Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked and have a peppery flavour. Ideal for South East Asian cuisine such as salads and curries.

Plant in well-drained, rich soil in a partly shaded position. Must be under cover or a warm sheltered spot, such as under eaves, over winter. Best suited in a warm sheltered position like a greenhouse. H 70cm W 70cm.

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