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Pouteria lucuma (Lucuma)

Pouteria lucuma (Lucuma)


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Pouteria lucuma, commonly known as Lucuma, is a nutrient-dense superfood featuring essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Its creamy, sweet taste makes it easy to add to your daily diet. Enjoy Lucuma as a yogurt topper, smoothie ingredient, or baking addition.

Lucuma is native to the Andean valleys of Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. This evergreen tree grows to 20m tall in their natural habitat, and has greyish-brown, fissured bark, which produces a milky white sap. The end of branchlets and the petioles are covered with short, brown hairs. The leaves are simple, oblanceolate to elliptical, up to 25cm long and 10cm wide, and glabrous (or sometimes slightly hairy on the underside) grouped at the end of the branches. Flowers are solitary or in fascicles, small, axillary, with hairy sepals and a corolla forming a tube 1.0–1.8 cm long, greenish white, with five lobes, five stamens, five staminodes, a pubescent ovary, and a style 0.8–1.5 cm long. The fruit is globose, 6–12 cm long, glabrous, and russet to yellow when mature; the pulp is bright yellow; the one to several seeds are 1.8–3.5 cm long, dark brown, and glossy.

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