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Psidium guajava 'Tropical Nectar' (Guava)

Psidium guajava 'Tropical Nectar' (Guava)


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The guava originates from an area extending from Mexico through Central America into South America.

It is more cold hardy than its name suggests, is easy to grow and has attractive foliage, fluffy white flowers over a long period and produces abundant sweet, juicy fruit.

Small open branched tree. Mature trees have attractive bark, which is smooth, thin, mottled green or reddish brown. Evergreen, large leaves of a dull mid green colour. Prominent veins on the underside. Leaves turn attractive maroon colour in cooler climates.

Fruit is a round-oval-pear-shape and from 5-9 cm long. The skin colour is usually yellow and their flesh can be from a white-yellow-rose-red colour. The flesh contains juicy plup and soft edible seeds.

Psidium guajavaΒ 'Tropical Nectar' is an exceptional tropical edible option. Sweet juicy fruits, with high healthy vitamin C. Foliage pinkish new growth. Would make lovely small hedge, container or just group plantings. Fairly hardy. Requires a well-drained site. Maximum height about 1.5m.

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