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Pyrus x bretschneideri 'Reddy Robin' (Nashi Pear, Papple) PVR

Pyrus x bretschneideri 'Reddy Robin' (Nashi Pear, Papple) PVR


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Pyrus x bretschneideri is a hybrid between Pyrus pyrifolia and Pyrus betulifolia. Pyrus x bretschneideri is deciduous and native to China. Learn more about Pyrus x bretschneideri. Pyrus x bretschneideri 'Reddy Robin' was developed before 2010 by the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research (PVR 30814). H 4m and W 3m in 10 years. This Nashi pear has highly attractive golden fruit with bright red/orange blush. Mild and sweet flavour, low acidity, with a crisp and juicy texture.

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