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Rhododendron 'Golden Charm' (Vireya)

Rhododendron 'Golden Charm' (Vireya)


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Rhododendron 'Golden Charm' (Vireya) is an evergreen that produces large clusters of bright yellow blossoms. This variety of Rhododendron is a fast-growing ornamental, making it perfect for adding vibrant color to your garden. The flowers of 'Golden Charm' bloom from spring to late summer, providing colorful splashes throughout the growing season.

Plant in a lightly shaded area, protected from strong winds and frost. Requires a well-defined, lime-free, acidic soil.

Suitable for containers, borders and underplanting. Keep soil moist, but do not overwater. Apply light fertilizer in warmer months. Prune after flowering to promote bushy growth



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