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Rubus 'Black Satin' (Blackberry)

Rubus 'Black Satin' (Blackberry)


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Rubus 'Black Satin' is an ideal blackberry for large, juicy, sweet fruits with an intense color and flavor. A hybrid of two popular cultivars, this variety produces black to dark purple berries of excellent quality. Highly productive plants are disease and cold-tolerant and bear earlier than comparable varieties. For maximum yields, a trellis is recommended.

This Black Satin Blackberry is an excellent rambling berry of upright canes with serrated green leaves which turn to beautiful dark autumn colours. It produces heavy crops of large glossy black conical fruit with an excellent sweet flavour. Perfect for growing against a fence and can be trellised to create a cover or a backyard feature.

  • A late season harvest in mid January to late February.
  • Self-fertile.
  • Thornless variety.
  • Blackberries are cold-hardy, and grow well in most areas of New Zealand.
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