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Trevesia palmata (Snowflake Aralia)

Trevesia palmata (Snowflake Aralia)


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Trevesia palmata (Snowflake Aralia) is an evergreen tree to 5-7m tall with few or no side branches and topped with a crown of long stalked leaves 30-60cm across that are deeply lobed with each lobe deeply cut, giving the leaf a lacy snowflake look. This hardy species is indigenous to northern India, southern China, Vietnam and Thailand.Β 

Plant in coastal full sun, filtered light or part day sun and irrigate regularly to occasionally. Established plants are suprisingly drought resistant considering this plant's tropical origins but grows best with at least occasional irrigation. In its native habitat this plant can be found growing to 30 feet tall but likely no more than 20 feet in cultivation and more often it is grown as a large shrub.

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