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Vitis vinifera x labrusca 'Himrod' (Grape)

Vitis vinifera x labrusca 'Himrod' (Grape)


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'Himrod' is a white table grape, released in 1952 by the New York Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York. It is seedless and known for ripening quickly and its sweet flavor. 'Himrod' is considered very productive and reliable.

Parentage:Β 75% Vitis vinefera Γ— 25% Vitis labrusca. 'Himrod' resulted from a cross of 'Ontario' by 'Thompson Seedless', a particularly successful cross which resulted in the eventual release of four cultivars, the others being 'Interlaken', 'Romulus', and 'Lakemont'. All were named for towns in the Finger Lakes region, near Geneva. These grapes are all quite productive, but they have some differences.

VIVC 5396:

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