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Vitis coignetiae (Crimson Glory Vine)

Vitis coignetiae (Crimson Glory Vine)


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Vitis coignetiae is an ornamental grape vine. It is an extremely fast-growing tendril climber which can reach 20m in several years. Features thick, ropy stems and large 25cm across, heart-shaped, slightly toothed, dark green leaves. Insignificant flowers appear in summer and give way to inedible, purplish black berries (grapes) in fall. Leaves turn a crimson red in fall.

The vine is native to the temperate climes of Asia, where it can be found in the Russian Far East, (Sakhalin); Korea and Japan (HokkaidoHonshuShikoku). It was described botanically in 1883. It is called meoru (머루) in Korean and yama-budo (ヤマブドウ) in Japanese.

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